Women’s Issues

“Please keep Mended Hearts in mind, we are a locally ran, non-profit Therapeutic Riding and Counseling Center who has been helping families, adults, and children for over 15 years! We rely on donations to help our families in need and to support our therapy animals!”

What type of help can Mended Hearts provide?

The experienced staff at Mended Hearts understand the issues that test women on a daily basis.  Women often face unique challenges as a result of focusing the majority of their time, energy, and effort on those they love while neglecting their own needs.  Today’s societal demands have made it a challenge for women to effectively balance the needs their family, career, and health demand.  We are here to assist you with those challenges. If you struggle with relationships, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, weight control, or any combination of the aforementioned reach out and give the Mended Hearts staff a call. Working with the experienced counselors at Mended Hearts will allow you to share your hardships with someone who is unbiased, non judgmental, and professionally trained to help you.  The staff is here to assist as they seek to empower the individual through providing support and resources that will allow each client to grow through the struggles they face.

Though the combination of difficulties an individual faces may be unique, it is typical for women to seek out counseling services to assist with the following issues:


Abuse  ♦ Anxiety  ♦  Grief / Bereavement  ♦  Depression   ♦ Divorce Issues ♦ Family  Issues♦ Marriage ♦  Parenting Struggles  ♦  Relationship Issues  ♦  Self Esteem  ♦  Weight Control / Body Image   ♦  Women’s Health


Why should I seek assistance from a counselor?

Support from friends and family members is important but cannot replicate the benefits one can gain from setting up an appointment with a licensed professional counselor.  The counselors at Mended Hearts are trained to listen to your needs, expose the root of an issue, and develop an effective plan to help one work through the issues that may be limiting enjoyment of life.  If issues are left untreated, symptoms could potentially worsen and trigger additional physical, mental, and emotional complications.  Even if a situation is beyond your personal control, talking to a trained counselor will allow you to develop effective coping strategies that make it possible to constructively handle concerns that may otherwise be draining.


What is unique about Mended Hearts?

With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, you will be guided by counselors who are experienced,  knowledgeable, and ready to assist with your unique needs.  Beyond the exceptional staff, one can look forward to the peace and serenity the facility offers.  Mended Hearts is located on 12.5 beautiful acres in the country outside of Metamora, IL and whether you choose to hold sessions indoors or outside, your privacy will be ensured.


How does a typical session work?

Over the course of the first few appointments, time will be spent developing trust, learning background information, and establishing desired goals for the therapy sessions. Once the foundation is set, each session will be curtailed to meet the needs of each unique client.  Time may be spent talking about the past, present, or future, becoming educated on topics related to the presenting issue, exploring pros/cons of various choices, or developing skills that will allow one to better cope with the challenges they face.


 Helpful Resources:

EmpowHer – This award winning website provides women with access to one of the largest online women’s health and wellness libraries. Check it out to find the latest news written just for women on topics such as health, emotional wellness, and relationships.


Women’s Health – A federal government website managed by the Office of Women’s Health


Healthy Women –  With a core mission to educate, inform and empower women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families, HealthyWomen is the nation’s leading independent health information source for women.



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