Family Issues and Divorce

According to WebMD:

“Even in homes where a marriage has been unhappy, children may not want their parents to divorce because they fear for their own security.  From a child’s point of view, the world is being torn in two.  Try to see your child’s perspective, so you’ll be less likely to pressure them to disguise their feelings.  Your child is more likely to thrive in a happy, calm environment than one that’s tense and angry – even if her parents are divorced.

Experts say that divorce does not have to cast a shadow over your children’s entire lives, or keep them from having healthy relationships of their own in the future.  As pediatric psychologist Elizabeth Ozer of the University of California, San Francisco, says, ‘The divorce of parents is a major life event, and it is something a child will be coping with well into adulthood.  Having said that, kids can and do thrive after their parents’ divorce.  As a parent, your role is to do all you can to help your child weather his transition.'”


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