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Roll over Freud: Rise of Animal Therapy


(CNN) — Beasts of burden, winners of wars and beloved as the sport of Kings — now horses are being used to cure the ills of modern life.

From the time ancient Egyptians worshiped feline deities, animals have been viewed as a source of strength and healing.

Renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed dogs helped his patients relax during sessions, while the Soviets used dolphins to treat people with mental health disorders in the 1980s.

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NSMU Professor Blends Horses and Research

"Early results are positive and indicate that this type of therapy does help," she said. "In a study of at-risk adolescents, we learned that the equine-assisted psychotherapy group demonstrated stronger positive changes in resilience scores compared to those in a typical psycho-educational, talk therapy group." Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Department of Defense uses Equine Therapy

Horse Therapy Helps Veterans Break Through PTSD WASHINGTON, April 5, 2012 – A Pentagon Channel documentary sheds light on how military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are finding help through the power of horse therapy. Read the rest of this entry »